Las Vegas Top Consulting Services Better Business Bureau A+

David can be retained as a Las Vegas business services consultant within Clark county or traveling to outside areas at retaining business’s expense for needs relating to; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), websites, computer hardware and software, real estate acquisition, liquidation, negotiations and management.
David’s experience is invaluable before committing to large budget decisions like internet marketing, technical systems development, and real estate investing. David is available by phone at 702-981-0866. Expertise can easily bring a BBB, Better Business Bureau Las Vegas A+ rating of customer satisfaction and referral business or save a business costly mistakes and time sinks.

Business Services by Phone

Talk is cheap, literally, so Dave can provide all business improving information, advice, systems improvement, and business success over the phone at the lowest hourly rate. Save your company the greater expense of spending man hours focused on the wrong tasks or learning the hard way. The school od hard knocks not only takes longer, but can have lasting negative effects on your business. Don’t lag behind the competition and loose the first to market edge needed to succeed. Call David today for over the phone consulting 702-981-0866.

Travel Business Consulting Las Vegas and Beyond

Does your business require a more personal touch? Hire David at a face to face business consulting rate for on site needs. David is experienced with high security facilities and non-disclosure agreements where advice over the phone is not an option. Sensitive business information will stay safe while better practices or systems are made to fit the business’s needs. The time spent traveling is NOT added to the hourly rate when within Clark county. Travel anywhere in the world is available at clients expense.

Travel Working Business Consultant Las Vegas and Beyond

When the need arises for an on site expert to take the reigns and get their hands dirty David is available for consulting and working on location. With proper access it is quicker to simply make the needed improvements or changes to current systems. Once work is completed a complete walkthrough and hand holding demonstration is available at the standard travel rate. A few hours of working consultation can result in huge returns in revenue or cost savings if allocated properly.

Phone Consultation

$ 80

Per Hour
  • Instant access
  • No minimums
  • 8am to 11pm

Travel ConsultationBest Value

$ 100

Per Hour
  • Best interaction
  • No travel cost
  • 9am to 9pm

Travel Work Consultation

$ 120

Per Hour
  • Longest Lasting
  • Revenue Increasing
  • 9am to 9pm