Las Vegas Remarketing or Retargeting Explained

The most important thing to remember is that Las Vegas remarketing is just Google Adwords brand name for the concept of retargeting. The same way a Frisbee is a brand name for a flying disk. There is no difference or additional benefits, so all remarketing is just Google branded retargeting. Google, Yahoo, and Bing pay per click (PPC) advertising all offer retargeting. Since Yahoo and Bing are combined, the two major players for retargeting are Google Adwords and Bing Ads. The concept is very simple and straight forward, but the actual logistics and monitoring needed to ensure profitability can be demanding. Like all paid advertising it is too easy for a budget to get out of hand. A good campaign should be monitored and improved regularly, but not so frequently that A/B testing looses a scientific approach.

The diagram below explains the remarketing process in action.

Las Vegas Remarketing is Google Retargeting

Benefits of Las Vegas Remarketing or Retargeting

The idea of retargeting is simply getting your ads back in front of potential customers that where already on your website for another chance at converting them into a sale. Ideally a great Las Vegas web design will convert on the first visit, but we must use all available resources to capture possible sales. Because of the short attention spans and constant distractions of modern life we are often multitasking or have numerous browser windows open when using the internet. It is very easy for a hot lead to wander off to check their email, visit their favorite site, or leave the computer completely and not return until tomorrow. In sales we often hear that it can take up to 4 to 5 contacts made before closing, so retargeting can be used for the unsure customers just as easily as the distracted customers.

If a customer is unsure about your product or service they will often times check on the internet for reviews, testimonials, or any kind of peer feedback. Retail companies like Amazon recognize this need by presenting a long list of ratings and review on every product. If you are not a big trusted name brand like Amazon, than placing review on your website will not have the same weight. Some companies just write up their own reviews when trying to make the sale, so internet users have become weary of non-trusted brands reviews unless from outside sources. Another unethical step beyond some companies will use the power of Las Vegas SEO to rank a site that appears to be a third party reviewer, and place their own brand as the top rated review on this “independent review” site. Just another reason internet users will check multiple sources before committing to your company with a transaction.

Las Vegas Retargeting

Using Las Vegas remarketing builds brand presence by ensuring the potential customer sees you on authority sites throughout the internet. All aspects of Las Vegas marketing can build a brand, but retargeting let’s us precisely focus on a potential customer at their most relevant and suggestible times. Consumers have grown to trust in large brands, so billions of dollars are spent to make sure they are always on everyone’s mind. If Coke-a-Cola didn’t spend billions to spread their brand presence across the globe people would still purchase their drink, but sale would decay over time as Pepsi kept pushing their brand. Brand presence for large companies is typically not an immediate actionable event. For local Las Vegas companies using retargeting we can make our brand presence follow our potential customer around the internet appearing to be just as big as a soda company, while spending minute fractions. Seeing your Las Vegas remarketing appear on authority sites and everywhere paid ads are possible while they browse will help the potential customer build trust in your brand, keep them focused on you, and ensure you are only one click away when the decide to complete their transaction.

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