Legitimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services vary in price from $1000 to $100,000 per month, but our performance SEO services are the best value, since we only get paid for results. We always focus on our clients return on investment (ROI) to be certain our services are a very simple business decision. When we are selling $100 bills for $20 the only hesitation is sounding too good to be true. To offer the lowest risk profile on the internet we have created a unique risk reduction pricing model to accompany our highly efficient SEO systems; After 6 months only pay if the majority of the high value, targeted keywords are ranked on the first page of Google. For example, whether it takes 6, 9 or 12 months to rank there is no cost until those valuable rankings are secured, since there is no value to our customers until they are ranked. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if we are unable to secure the majority of rankings within 12 months.

Do you like the risk reduction? There are no other stipulations, so allow our team to work on your website traffic solution. It’s that simple. We look forward to seeing your business succeed online, so rest assured these are our minimal requirements to ensure a healthy ROI, and we have always outperformed.

Why Provide Performance SEO Services Instead of Cheap?

We provide safe pay for rank SEO services because they offer a better value and ROI. Cheap SEO services; will either; take longer, use high risk black hat methods, may never rank, and are the most susceptible to negative SEO.

Here is a client story about why cheap SEO is not the best value. Chris has had horrible experiences with Cheap SEO in the past. After a combined 4 years with 3 different cheap SEO providers ($1000 per month) Chris was so frustrated that he deleted his website, and swore to never hire another. Unfortunately, this is too common, so we offered a pay for SEO results model. The cost of cheap SEO for Chris was $48,000 with 0% ROI. The end result was never reaching the first page for any target keywords (though he was happy being on the 2nd), but eventually suffered a Google penalty which was the breaking point of his frustration.

In Chris’s market, those not using SEO are paying $10,000+ per month in PPC fees to compete. Chris tried PPC, but was unable to turn the extremely expensive, and competitive landscape into a profitable investment. Had Chris hired us as an effective SEO services provider for $2,000 or even $2,500 per month, his maximum risk would have been defined. The moment he was ranked on the first page he would be making more than his initial invested risk, and he could have started enjoying the extremely high ROI of effective SEO from a true provider.

Cheap SEO can be dangerous, since negative SEO is fully in effect. It is much harder to help our clients if they have used a bad service in the past, since penalties, and even full removal from Google can greatly hinder any campaigns start. Below is a true case of negative SEO that literally shut down a small local businessman in Houston in 3 weeks. Once a bad SEO or a competitor attacks your website with manual and automatic Google penalties it is very difficult and expensive to recover.

As a quality, and ethical results focused provider our safe SEO services will not bring a penalty, and attacks from competitors can be acted upon immediately to prevent the otherwise inevitable penalty weeks ahead. If we are not brought on board until after a penalty, than the most cost effective solution is typically migrating to a different domain name. To prevent smart business owners from simply budgeting for a “cheap” cost that may never produce results, and just turns into a long term expense, we offer our performance SEO services.

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