PPC Las Vegas ROI Evaluation

Pay Per Click, PPC Las Vegas business owners use to get new customers and leads is a good start in the right direction, but at ForgetAD we strive for efficiency. Whether using Google Adwords, LinkedIn or Facebook advertising the pay per click model is a great addition to marketing, but not recommended as the only source. Let’s look at some historical data to see the pros and cons of using paid ad networks for local Las Vegas company marketing.

Comparing PPC Las Vegas Serp Pages to SEO


According to research from GroupM UK carried out with Nielsen which was published by econsultancy.com, the average clicks for all paid ads amounts to a measly 6% of the total. Click the thumbnail below to view the original info graphic.


That means the best performing paid ad on a page performs below the poorest organic result on the same page. That is saying a lot, since to click the last SEO result a user has to scroll past the first paid ad, at the top of the page, below the fold to the last result. These are just averages, and there have been reports of the worlds top 1% of PPC campaigns being able to achieve nearly 20% click through rates, but these rare superstars are so mythical they are literally referred to as unicorns. Considering that the average click through rate for long tail organic results average at 70% according to a study by Moz.com we can safely say SEO brings more volume than PPC Las Vegas on average. In addition to better results per Search Engine Results Page, SERP, organic searches naturally grow to broad terms resulting in more SERPs overall in addition to better click through rates.

ppc las vegas lower than seo

Las Vegas PPC Compared to Old Media Ads

Knowing how PPC Las Vegas results stack up against Las Vegas SEO doesn’t mean we ignore this media advertising, since it is still far superior to all old media advertising as demonstrated by the below graphic.

ppc las vegas vs old media ads

While organic search marketing offers exponential growth once SEO Las Vegas campaigns have been maximized our budget would migrate to the next most efficient form of lead generation, which are paid search placement ads; Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and Linkedin Ads. If the target demographics for customers allows than Facebook and LinkedIn provide an improved ROI, but even Google Adwords outperforms all old media forms. This is why PPC Las Vegas campaigns are used once our SEO results have been saturated.

The key benefit of search marketing paid or organic over old media is that we are starting with a target audience by going after keywords relevant to our demographics. Rather then shoving our message to a large mass and hoping a small percentage responds (similar to email spam), we are only targeting our niche. The below graphics help visualize this key benefit of online leads over old media.

Old Media

TV ads, Billboards, Flyers, Mail Campaigns, Email Spam, Etc.

Seo Advertising

Search Engine Marketing, PPC Las Vegas, Google Places (maps), Directories, etc.

Internet Marketing; SEO PPC Las Vegas Locals of All Ages

Many business owners don’t realize that 90% of the older Baby Boomer generation are online, and their usage of Facebook and online social media is doubling every year since 2009, Source: Target Marketing. Consider the improvement of only getting leads that where actively seeking your business. Here at ForgetAD.com our marketing is based on what we preach, so being top ranked for all the Las Vegas SEO keywords let’s businesses find us. We don’t need annoying cold call sales people, mass spam advertising like billboards and flyers, or anything except showing up when customers search for us. It works for us, and we would love to show you how online advertising; Las Vegas SEO , Facebook PPC, LinkedIn PPC, and Google Adwords PPC will offer your business a superior ROI. Call us at 702-981-0866

Average ROI for PPC Las Vegas

While 40% of our SEO campaigns exceed 500% return on investment, all are positive and some have maintained 833% ROI year after year. In second place far exceeding all old media PPC ads reach the same 500% ROI for 23% of our clients, and all clients are seeing a positive ROI. With PPC Las Vegas business owners are also able to start generating these returns on the same day we start the clients campaign, sometimes producing enough revenue in the first month to cover a years worth of online advertising management services. All the more reason to call us now at 702-981-0866

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