SEO Las Vegas Proof – BRW vs DC

In this SEO Las Vegas proof case study we will be comparing the clients current website (referred to as DC), which has been on the Web for over 2 years, to a new domain purchase (referred to as BRW) made on April 2nd 2014. The current site DC will be used as a control, so we can compare SEO efforts on BRWto a similar site untouched by SEO. DC is an aged domain with plenty of niche related content, so it’s ranking should not move much throughout the efforts put forth into BRW. Any sudden change in both for the better or worse would be outside factors, but an increase in rankings to BRW while DC remains constant will confirm SEO is working on BRW. Because of the competitive market, and possibility of negative SEO we will not be disclosing actual domain names, or any of the clients intellectual property, such as target keywords. Let’s start by looking at the current first page competition.

SEO Las Vegas Competition Map


These current top 10 rankings have; great age with the oldest site hitting over 17 years, great Google page rank scores with none below 1 and the two highest at 4, and great backlink profiles with the top nearly reaching 1300 backlinks! This is some serious competition, and two rankings are represented by local Las Vegas casino’s pages with multi million dollar marketing budgets, and full time staff working on their internet marketing. Whether looking at SEO Las Vegas or globally these stats would scare most from the start, but I see it as a challenge. I will work on this project alone without help from my staff or national partners. Sometimes the boss has to get their hands dirty to stay competent in the field they are managing. We could get top rankings on this page while spending significantly less than millions, but the client is not concerned with global domination, so we will produce good SEO Las Vegas results within their budget.

SEO Las Vegas Business Plan Start

To compete with these well established authority sites we must get our stats on par or better for many important factors like; domain age, page rank, on page content, backlinks, etc. There are numerous factors to consider, but we will focus on the most cost effective to start. Factors like Google page rank are outside of our control, so should be seen as more of an additional rating given by Google. For a baseline on our SEO Las Vegas study let’s look at the natural rankings of DC.

4-21-2014 DC

DC Rank after 2+ years of unprofessional SEO

To hit the ground running we are going to acquire an aged domain. The average yearly cost of owning a domain is $12 per year, so at 17 year old domain has a comparative cost value of $12 x 17 = $204. Many more factors go into valuing a domain, so caution is advised, since the secondary market for domains is more rampant with fraud than Nigeria. With a larger budget we can try the long shot of purchasing a page that is already ranked, but since these ranked sites should already be producing leads it is rare that a sale is possible. When a possible seller is found, it is even less likely that the site doesn’t have problems the current owner is looking to offload. Two ongoing factors for SEO Las Vegas or national are relevancy and authority, but a larger budget is needed to purchase a site that has both. We purchased a domain that used or entire budget for the month, but even with only a skeleton WordPress site we are already seeing results:

Rank after 2+ weeks of professional SEO

BRW Rank after 2+ weeks of professional SEO

Now we can continue our great SEO Las Vegas results by adding some relevant content, acquiring links, integrating social media, and more. The next results should be posted soon. SEO Las Vegas

UPDATE 6-17-2014:

We where looking forward to helping this client rank, but payment was never received. The time, and expenses lost are a possible outcome when beginning work on an agreement instead of beginning work on a paid agreement. For future clients we do require a refundable deposit before work begins, and we are still offering discounts for any clients that are willing to place their experience on display for everyone to see. We look forward to helping increase your business leads online with our pay for performance seo.

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